Sage Brush 5th Annual BPCR
Match Results
May, 8, 9, and 10, 2010


Mother Nature sure raised havoc with this year’s match! Attendance was down by nearly 50% because most people thought the weather was going to be very cold, windy, snowing and or raining. Well those people were about 50% correct. Thursday & Friday before the match Mother Nature did hand out wind and rain so there was little opportunity to practice for the match. However, Saturday turned out to be absolutely beautiful with full sunshine and winds never exceeding 10 miles per hour. Unfortunately those light winds came with a little “switching” factor causing shooters major sight change challenges when trying to keep up with the changing conditions. Then Sunday, the second day of the match, began with rain and wind. After watching the weather for nearly two hours all shooters ultimately agreed to cancel the second day and head home. Even though the attendance was down this year, the highlight of match was fact that we had six new shooters who did travel great distances to attend. A special thanks goes out to those hardy individuals.

The format for this annual event was changed in 2009. The first three years this match was a 1-day event. In an effort to draw more shooters from surrounding states it was decided to change to a 2-day format to make it worth the effort and expense of traveling greater distances and demonstrate their skills. During this 2-Day event shooters take aim at six different shaped steel targets. Each day shooters fired 7 shots at each of the targets which consisting of a bucket at 238 yards, a coyote at 326 yards, buffalo at 900 yards, a circle at 1000 yards, an elk at 732 yards and a hostile at 589 yards. The bucket shaped target which was inspired by the movie Quigley Down Under, is a common target at events of this type. This target was shot from the standing position. Shooters usually use large caliber black powder type cartridge rifles similar to those used in the buffalo harvest of the 1870’s and early 1880’s and therefore a buffalo shaped target is also a common target for events of this type.

The second significant change in format is to have a cash payback of 70% of the entry fees being awarded to the shooters. This payback is designed to reward shooters on a sliding scale based on the number of shooters. The scale allows the club to pay down farther into the field of shooters and reward more shooters for their efforts. The scale has a payback for each day and the aggregate 2-day score. Shooters are not required to shoot both days to participate in the payback. This new feature of the event continues to be successful as 6 shooters out of 14 received cash awards from $40 to $10.

There were 14 shooters from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Wyoming, North and South Dakota were Ross Christen – Germantown WI, Edwin Steffes – Sheboygan WI, Ron Williams – Rosemount MN, Bob Van Cleve – West St Paul MN, Don Wiechmann – Wagner SD, Gregg Simon - Mobridge SD, Collin Weisz – Underwood ND, Richard Dupraz – Yankton SD, Mark Wiechmann – Armour SD, Tom Mace – Clearwater MN, Linda & Butch Clendenen – Amidon ND, Cecile & Doug Wiechmann – Worland, WY,

Match Awards went to:
High Overall: Linda Clendenen – 29/42
2nd Overall: Gregg Simon - 27/42
3rd Overall: Butch Clendenen – 23/42
1st Senior: Butch Clendenen – 23/42
1st Lady: Linda Clendenen – 29/42
2nd Lacy: Cecile Wiechmann – 15/42

Cash Awards went to:
Linda Clendenen - $40, Gregg Simon - $30, Butch Clendenen - $25, Don Wiechmann - $20, Mark Wiechmann - $15 and Ron Williams -$10.

Awards and Door Prizes Donated for this match by:
Schuetzen Powder, Buffalo Arms, Cabela’s, Brownell’s, Brooks Moulds, CH Tool & Die, MLV Enterprises, SPG, C Sharps, Shiloh Sharps, SPG, Redding, Starline & John Walter’s Wads.

If additional information and details are needed please contact Gregg Simon at (605) 845-2576 or