Bishop Gun Club
1st Annual Prent Monson Memorial Match
May 22. 2010


WELL, the 1st Prent Monson Memorial Match is in the books.

We had a great turn out 29 shooters.

I would like to thank all of Prent’s non-shooting friends for making the long trip over to join us for the match. It was a long day with four relays. With the help of the Boy Scouts Troop 86 they had us finished in under 8 hrs. Thanks.

During the match, itself, we had wind - more wind - and even a dust devil or two. We started out with a dedication of the plaque for Prent.

The first two relays seemed to go ok with about 4-to-5 mph wind. Then things got interesting with 15-to-20 mph winds off and on. I think that there was only one relay that we had to make it a gong match. During the last relay we lost several animals but where able to finish the match with everyone's help an understanding.

If  you look at the score sheet and see where ever one was shooting when the big winds hit for the most part,  some made it through better than others.  Larry Steen was Match Winner Iron.  Jim Bridges was 1st Master AAA, 2nd Master AAA was Gary Whinnery. 1st AA was Jeffrey Krumm, and 2nd AA was Rob Robinson. 1st A was Tim Galligan.

Match Winner Scope was Jerry Hartwig. 1st Master AAA was Rich Davis. 2nd Master AAA was Bob Grider. 1st AA was Deb Robinson. 2nd AA was Ed Keller. 1st A-B was Patti Messi.

I overheard one of the Avenal shooters saying that he did not want to here any one complain about the wind in Avenal, as shooters we will always complain about something.

I want to thank Rich Davis for the beautiful pair of cross sticks he donated which where won by Jim Lindsay. Kas donated 2 CDs for the match winners. After the match, the Boy Scouts and some grown up got to play for awhile. Then we all went over to the Whinnerys' for great pot luck. Gary and Karen, thank you very much.

THIS IS A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERY ONE FOR ALL THEIR HELP. And I mean that without all the help there would not have been a match.

The Match on Sunday was canceled because of 20-30mph winds what else.

The next match is June 26, 2010. Hope to see you then.

For info call Gary Whinnery at 760-873-1956, or John Beems at 760-873-6641, or Jim Bridges at 760-872-3295

IRON Sight Match Results:

Prent Monson results

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