AP Goodrich - Alma, MI
BPCR Silhouette Match Results
April 17-18, 2010


New season, same Michigan weather. We thought we would outsmart Mother Nature by having our match the third weekend of April instead of the second. Well she showed us. Even though we didn’t get snow or rain, there was a nearly 40º drop in temp from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon and the winds were up to 30 mph. But it was great to be back shooting!

Aggregate Winners
Iron – MW Chase 57/80
Scope – Dave Gubert 49/80

Bear shoot winners
Sat. – Ernie Villegas
Sun. – Charlie Dodson

We welcomed a few new shooters, hope they enjoyed themselves.

Congratulations to our aggregate winners, as well as all the daily winners.

Thank you to everyone who helped at the match.