An update on the SAKO ka-boom

Stoeger Canada Ltd.

October 15, 2004

Sako has discovered an error in the material used for a small number of barrels in recently shipped Sako and Tikka stainless steel rifles. Unfortunately, the error was not detected until after some of the rifles were shipped to customers, including you.

The condition of these rifles is such that the barrels could rupture when the rifle is fired. FOR THIS REASON, FIRING THE RIFLE COULD CAUSE INJURY – AND POSSIBLE SERIOUS INJURY – TO THE SHOOTER.

The serial number and models of the rifles delivered to you that have this condition are attached to this letter. If you have any of these rifles in inventory, please notify us immediately and we will make arrangements to send you replacements.

If you have delivered any of these rifles listed with this letter to customers, please provide us with the name, address and telephone number of the customers immediately so that we can arrange for a replacement of that rifle directly with the customer. It is imperative that your customers not shoot the rifle involved and send the rifle to us as soon as possible. We will make arrangements with your customer.

Any communication from you concerning this issue should be directed to:

Stoger Canada Ltd.

1 (800) 263-1945 EMAIL: