The Frogmoor Ballard


"The original "Frogmoor" was cut by a factory engraver (unknown) who worked for the Peabody Factory. The story is that he became bored with engraving the same old scenes and did this one special as a break. Seems that there were a few guys that wanted something humorous in the area (What Cheer club range) and he did a Martini with bears shooting , smoking cigars and quaffing mugs of beer. As he had a thing for frogs, this design was first engraved. The "Famous" Frogmoor design seen on a Ballard was done by a man who shot at a range outside of New Orleans called Frogmoor. To honor (???) his home range, he commissioned his new Ballard to be engraved likewise.

There is no record of this pattern being done by the Ballard Co. to my knowledge. If you will look closely at pic's of the famous original Ballard you will notice that the engraver copied the scene so closely that the shooter is shooting a Martini."

Ken Hurst

  Images of the original Frogmoor Ballard

  Images of Ken Hurst's engraving on the new Frogmoor Ballard

  ASSRA on-line article on the Frogmoor Ballards