An interesting test for corrosion protection:

Although this testing is not aimed at the possibly unique problems of corrosion after using black powder, it's a good test of general corrosion protection on our firearms.

(Thanks to Jeff Johnson for permission to post his work.)


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Guys -

Here's the results on my third set of corrosion tests on various gun lubes. This series was started in early June, and involved 15 different materials applied to cold rolled steel test panels.

Test panels were first degreased with MEK (methyl ethyl ketone).

One drop of each test material was applied to the panel & smeared around as evenly as possible using my finger (hands were washed between test materials).

After an hour or so, I dry wiped the top half of each panel (the side near the hole) with a paper towel. This was to simulate the protective film being worn away by handling or holster wear.

Panels were then placed in the humidity chamber at work (100% humidity, 100 °F), then removed on 7/31/03 for photos.

Results are as follows:

Set up 6/8/03, Evaluated 7/31/03

Eezox - *SURPRISE* - POOR in wiped area, only Fair in unwiped area. Not sure what happened here. I used a fresh bottle of Eezox for this test. Much worse protection than Alox blends or CorrosionX.

CLP-New - Good overall, only Fair in dry wipe area. Worse than Alox blends or CorrosionX.

Militec - 3 separate applications w/ heat (30' 158 F) applied between each application - Poor. A little better in unwiped area, but still poor overall.

Lee Alox - Overall, Very Good. A few small rust spots, little protection was apparently removed by dry wiping.

Alox + ATF (automatic transmission fluid) 50/50 - Very Good. Pretty much the same as pure Alox. Maybe a bit more rust on the panel edges where the panel was dry wiped.

Alox + Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) 50/50 - Very Good. Same results as Alox + ATF 50/50.

ATF alone - Poor.

Clenzoil - Poor.

Amsoil 5W30 7500 mile engine oil - Poor.

FP10 (new MPC sample) - Poor. Slightly better in unwiped area, but still lots of surface rust. Not much improvement in corrosion prevention noted versus older FP10 version (tested in previous series).

Corrosion Block - Fair if not wiped, Poor in wiped area.

CorrosionX - Fair plus to Good - decent protection, but panel had a substantial number of medium sized rust spots. Appears to have pretty good resistance to being wiped off.

Brownells Polar Active #2 - Good overall. More small rust spots than Alox blends. Better than CorrosionX, Eezox, and CLP.

Ballistol - Better than nothing, but pretty poor overall. No protection left in area following dry wipe.

Control (blank steel) - Poor (as expected).

Lica 38 (organotitanate/zirconate compound we use at work) - Good in unwiped area, Fair in wiped area. Left a whitish film over the steel, and rust is forming in some areas under the white film. An interesting stuff to try, but it's too hard to apply & leaves a messy residue.

I was surprised at how poorly Eezox did this time around. Not sure why, but I used a fresh bottle of Eezox for this test & maybe that had something to do with it. Overall, the Alox blends were probably the best in this test series, followed by Brownells Polar Active #2, and CorrosionX.

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Jeff Johnson