David Tubb Articles on Competitive Shooting:
                                    11-Time National Champion writes on improving your shooting

Air Rifle Training for High Power, one
Thoughts from someone (me) who doesn't get outdoors enough. When you're through clicking on the article image and downloading it, please hit this little target image below here to get the file that accompanies this article. Then when you open the article file you'll see a little yellow box around a target on page four. Click on the box after you've gotten both files on the hard drive and see what happens. [137 KB PDF file] (You will need the free Adobe Reader to view these files. Any of the later versions of Adobe Reader will work, but the latest version, Adobe Reader 7.0, is available using the link at the bottom.)

Air Rifle Training for High Power, two
Thoughts from someone (me) who tells how he spent more money than he will EVER get over. [135 KB PDF file]

David Tubb: High Power Tips, one
Some of David's thoughts on preparation and mistake prevention. It is not too late to use this for Perry this year! It just might save you some troubles.(111 KB PDF file)

This brand new article by David is just in time for Camp Perry. It outlines six tenents he has followed throughout his career. As with any and all by Mr. Tubb, it's must reading for any serious shooter. [155 KB PDF file]

Holding Drill
Offhand ace Troy Lawton shares a drill he developed to help you develop a world-class standing technique. [79 KB PDF file]

Barrel Break-Ins
The Full and Good Truth about this topic. [68 KB PDF file]

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