Riflesmiths and Stockmakers:

Dave Crossno Gun Stocks, email: DIBBLEGUNS@juno.com

Dan Phariss, exemplary blackpowder riflesmith, email: dphar@mtintouch.net

D.Z. Arms, Remington Hepburn and Rolling Block specialty services

Dominick Pisano, specializing in BPCR, Schuetzen and classic bolt actions

Glenn Fewless, specializing in building high quality BPCR rifles, email: gfewless@tds.net

Tom Sargis, Jr., "Whether broken and needing repair, or just slickin' up to performance levels, this is THE place to send your Cowboy type guns..."

Schuetzen Gun Co., PO Box 203, Drake, CO 80515, Richard McKinney specializes in building custom single shot rifles, 1874 Sharps, Remington, Winchester, etc. (970) 635-2409

Lee Shaver, "The premier Online Gunsmith Shop," single shot gunsmithing, .22 LR insert for your single shot rifle www.egunsmith.com

Mori Shultz Custom Stockmaker, "All work promptly executed in the best manner and on short notice, " email: lesleymeri@aol.com

Billy Tierce, Gunsmith-Stockmaker-Checkering, 4050 Jack Rd., Utica, Miss. 39175, 601-885-9297

Treebone Carving, George Petersen, treebone@earthlink.net, Gun Stocks, 90% inletted & profiled, for Winchester, Remington, and other single shot and lever action rifles. (Just 30 miles from Whittington Center, in Cimarron, NM.)